The Truth or Dare Sex Party Videos!

A New College Dare Game! Dare Dorm!

There’s a new game in town! A bit of a combination between Dare Ring and Sell Your Sex Tape, there’s the new amateur home-made sex tape game called Dare Dorm which is a little like a combination of the two. Not specifically a truth or dare game nor solely limited to couples’ homemade sex videos, this one has some incredible antics and sexcapades and lots of group fucking. College kids getting naked and licking dick or pussy or fucking in front of their friends. Yes, it’s real. And it’s some incredible masturbation fodder for your enjoyment!

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Dared to Masturbate in Men’s Room

This crazy Asian chick is up for a good challenge. When dared to do some naughty exhibitionism she sneaks into a public men’s room and jerks off, naked while sitting on a urinal. This is the real deal – she set up the camera herself. What would happen if you walked in on her? She’d probably suck your cock while masturbating herself to that orgasm she gets such a thrill out of getting in public places! See more exhibitionist chicks? There’s plenty more on this site.

Cum on Face Dare

Sometimes it’s tough enough to get a girl to take your cum on her face in private. How about daring her to do it on video and showing it off to the world by posting it on the internet? Now that’s hardcore – and awesome! This chick doesn’t even wipe it off but blow cum bubbles. Beautiful, nasty, horny girl! See them fuck for hours and hours with more cum play!

Dare to Suck off a Cock and Swallow Cum in Front of Your Friends?

When you’re playing adult party games like this and the dare in this truth or dare game is to swallow cum, you better do it! These gorgeous chicks get right down and start cock sucking and pussy licking because the game is on! And so what? A party isn’t a party until someone gets cum in their mouth, or on their face!

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You know what she’s saying in this video? What are you laughing at? Just because I gave a guy a blowjob in front of you? You’re next! And the brunette follows and gets cum in her hair and on her tits and face! The best!

Seven Naked Girls, Seven First Time Lesbian Pussy Lickers in an All Girl Truth or Dare Orgy!

Once the liquor is poured and consumed and the girls are naked, and you’re playing truth or dare, what do you imagine the next step is? Kissing? Yes. Licking boob? Yes. Licking pussy? You bet, including multi-girl lesbian orgy action when you’re playing Dare Ring!

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Intimated? Don’t be. Girls just want to have fun! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of boy girl cock sucking action on this awesome amateur site as well.

Dare to Show Yourself With Cum on Your Face!

What’s the hoopla about cumming on your girl’s face? It’s fun! And plenty of girls like it when guys cum on their face as well! Now let’s take it to another level and show your face covered in cum for the world to see! How’s that for a dare? That’s what you get when you make your own sex tape and your boyfriend cums all over your mouth, face, lips, forehead and you’re both giggling and enjoying yourself because it’s fun to swap body fluids. This awesome sexy couple are no holes barred exhibitionists and this buxom redhead amateur with pierced nipples and a healthy sex drive has no problem with showing her cum covered face – just for our enjoyment. Another outstanding homemade sex tape; fun, sexy, natural and erotic as hell. No inhibitions, nothing smutty, just good old sexy fun that’s as plain as the cum on her face! I love this couple!
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Amateur Hippie or Hipster Guys and Girls in a Fun, Sexy Orgy of Adult Games!

Hippies and hipsters like to sexually experiment, and what better way to do it than in some adult party games that end up with everyone being naked; that’s when the fun begins. This raucous group of hairy hippie guys and girls got really into this truth or dare game. I don’t know what it is but I found the hairy hippie chick with the dreadlocks really hot, but the thinner blonde was pretty damn hot as well. Of course when the dreadlocked chick is dared to give the guy a blowjob until he cums in her mouth is the best part; that and when they tag team that guy’s cock in a double blowjob! Now that’s an awesome truth or dare game! I knew the hippies had the most fun in college and were having orgies behind closed doors. Now the doors are wide open thanks to the power of a video camera!

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Webcam Threesomes, Webcam Dares!

I played with this threesome FFM trio the other day on webcam when I was bored; needless to say my boredom was pretty quickly alleviated when I got naked with them on webcam and we started daring each other to do things you would only ‘dare’ to do under normal circumstances. They’re online quite often and it’s so awesome, if you’re into couples and moresomes to have the ability to do some hardcore naked dares with other naked people at your fingertips. You should have seen the expression on guy’s face when I dared them to…. well, YOU try it out and then get back to me.

First Time Pussy Licking, First Time Sucking Cock, Anything Goes in Truth or Dare Games

Why are these two hot naked girls making out and swapping spit? Because the brunette is grateful that the blonde who just had her mouth on her pussy just made her cum like crazy! This may have been the first time for either of them to lick pussy but in adult party games like truth or dare anything goes and everyone cums! But be warned, first time sucking cock applies to guys too, when the blonde dares the red haired guy to put a cock in his mouth, he can’t refuse! You gotta have an open mind for that, but everyone loves awesome amateur lesbian pussy licking and this is the real amateur porn you’ve been looking for!

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Wait until you see them dared to swallow hot cum after sucking off a hard cock!

Dared to Strip, Dared to Lick Pussy and Dared to Suck Cock! Let the Adult Party Games Begin!

Truth or dare means being brave and adventurous and if you’re naked then sexually experimental! If you’re in the game, and you’re naked, a dare is a dare, even if that means stripping and sucking cock in front of your friends; or giving a double blowjob, then licking some pussy for the first time; oh yeah the guys get dared to suck cock too! The feeling of excitement from performing a dare is unlike anything¬† else in the world, especially when it has to do with sex!

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